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Workshop: Becoming a Better Negotiator (Copenhagen)

Date: 10th of May 2016
Time: 12:00-18:00
Location: Hús Jóns Sigurðssonar / Islands Kulturhus, Øster Voldgade 12 1350 København K
Price: DKK 1000
Note that this workshop will take place in English.
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This workshop is especially designed for those who negotiate on behalf of their own company, or a company they represent, whether managers, entrepreneurs, or other team members. 

The focus of this workshop is on the development of “soft skills” that are seldom taught in Business Schools but are crucial for achieving results in today's increasingly international business world. 

Throughout the workshop, participants will explore and develop their knowledge and skills in negotiations and get to know their own negotiation style. There fundamental concepts of negotiations will be covered and how participants can prepare themselves for any negotiation task. The participants will also learn about gender differences in negotiations as well as what behavior at the negotiating table is more effective and more suitable for the best possible outcome. 

Further, the participants will learn the importance of reading body language and how to use that knowledge to their advantage and how to tackle difficult negotiators. Participants will also learn about the most common pitfalls negotiators fall into and how to avoid it.

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Aldis G. Sigurdardottir is the workshop instructor. She is a PHD Fellow and Lecturer at Reykjavik University, a seasoned negotiator and a coach. She is currently researching negotiator’s behaviour in B2B negotiations,  and which negotiation tactics can  lead to better outcomes. She has also researched gender differences in salary negotiations. Sigurdardottir has taught negotiations and related subjects in various universities around Europe, including in Iceland, Poland, Austria, Germany and The Netherlands. She has also led collective wage settlements and coached the world champions in negotiations as well as being a judge in the TNC international negotiation challenge. Further, Sigurdardottir was one of the founders for an international research network called INTRA (International Negotiation Teaching and Research Association) founded in Athens, Greece, along with 20 other researchers. INTRA believes that broad knowledge of negotiation skills adds value to society by decreasing conflict and increasing creative collaboration.

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