© Þórunn Jónsdóttir

© Þórunn Jónsdóttir


We started Improv Iceland, the first Improv Theatre in Iceland, a year ago and it´s grown beyond our wildest dreams. We are new to every challenge we face and have many ideas and dreams about our future. Thorunn helped us focus our goals and gave us valuable tools to communicate and a strategy to follow in the following months and years while building of a improv-community and a platform for the comedians of the future. During the strategy session she gave us space to discuss sensitive topics when we needed to but kept us on topic when we wanted to wander. After the session we felt like someone came to our house, de-cluttered it and gave it a thorough cleaning.
— The Board of Improv Iceland
Thorunn is one of the most knowledgable entrepreneurs and business women I know. She is particularly strong in business development and planning and I have referred a number of my clients to her when they are in need of a solid business plan to present to investors or for grants. As a project manager she has a varied experience which allows her to handle anything that is thrown at her. I can confidently recommend her work and won’t hesitate to continue to refer business to her.
— Thoranna Jonsdottir | thoranna.is
Thorunn is my go-to person when I find myself in a entrepreneurial pickle. I know that she can dissect the situation and lay out the problem so that it is more clear and allows me to be better tackle it. She is also extremely likeable and easy to work with.
— Kari Thor Runarsson | CEO of Authenteq
I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Thorunn on a couple of projects related to my startup, mostly grant writing but also market research and more. I was thrilled to see the result from our work together both on a professional and educational level. What I appreciate the most about working with Thorunn is her ability to put herself in your shoes and help you navigate the next steps.
— Jon Bragi Gislason | Founder & CEO of Ghost Lamp
As a photographer I have to do a lot of things besides photograph and that can be overwhelming at times. Especially when organising twenty five shoots. Without missing a beat those came together seamlessly thanks to Thorunn. She helped fill in details and suggest people as well as help me with information to get where I was going be it routes or rental cars. In all she is one of the big reasons I was able to photograph 25 women in just over a week for one of my projects. Working with her is not only fun, I get the reassuring feeling that I am in more than capable, intelligent hands which have my back. This is a tremendous support when you are a sole trader. I recommend her with a slight reluctance only because the more she works with you the less time I’ll have to work with her myself.
— Gabrielle Motola | www.gabriellemotola.com


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